Common Problems with Your Septic Tank

Your septic tank plays a very important role in the home where there is no sewerage connection. It takes up waste water and breaks it down which keeps the sinks, toilets and others functioning well in the house. As with anything, problems can arise on septic tanks – and they can be extremely dangerous.

What are the common problems with septic tanks and what can you do about it? Read on to find out more.

Tree roots penetrating the tank’s walls

It is advised to build a septic tank as far from trees as possible. What if this is not possible or you just did not know at the time of construction? The trees’ roots will grow and infiltrate the tank. This can cause many problems.

The commonest is the waste leaking through the gaps between the roots and soil leading to a horrible smell. The reverse can also happen with rain water getting into the septic tank making it fill up too fast. The roots can also get into the inlet pipe and block it causing the house’s drainage system to malfunction.

Overfilled tank

It may take a long time but eventually your septic tank may fill up. This is particularly a problem when the solid material builds up and finally blocks the inlet pipe. This will cause the flow of water through drainage to slow down or refuse to move at all. If it is just water on top of the tank there will be no issue with clogging because this water slowly sips into the surrounding area. If it is waste, however, there is a reason to be concerned.

The best thing about this problem is that it takes years before it is experienced. It should only concern you if it has been over two years since the septic tank was emptied. If this will happen in the future, make sure to call for an Atlanta septic tank service to tend this problem.

Damaged dip pipes

Dip pipes are an important part of any septic tank. They need to be installed well and maintained in order to perform their tasks optimally. The main function these pipes have is to ensure that what exits from septic tank to the soak away system is the correct type of waste. Dip pipes can be damaged during emptying of the tank. When damaged and the wrong waste takes into soak away system there can be environmental hazards that can cause health issues.

Shifting of the ground

Even if only by a small distance, shifting of the ground can lead to build-up of pressure within the septic tank. This can cause cracks and fractures to appear on the tank which makes it unstable. The conditions of the ground on which the tank is placed can also change making its initial working insufficient. For instance, due to increases in precipitation over time as the climate changes, the soak away system may not be able to drain all the water as needed.

Solutions to common problems with your septic tank

The common problems with the septic tank can be avoided and corrected very easily. Here are a few pointers to always bear in mind:

  • Regular maintenance ensures everything is working perfectly
  • Routine emptying of the tank avoids it being overfilled and clogged pipes
  • Call in professionals to remove roots affecting the septic tank
  • Repair cracks and fractures should be made by professionals
  • Damaged pipes should be repaired as soon as possible
  • Check to ensure that dip pipes are in okay after every time the tank is emptied.